Horse and Rider Training...

The Horse:

Once we take the horse from the pasture and climb upon his back we are immediately compromising him. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that we work to help him become supple, gymnastic and strong. In doing so we enable him to carry out his task with ease and even joy.  

In order to train the horse his body and mind must be readily available to us. The nature of the horse as a prey animal means that he is susceptible to fear, flight and tension. For this reason we must first seek relaxation and muscle release through balance to gain the access and availability needed to gymnastically train him.  

By means of working the horse through appropriate school patterns with the aid of the informed and centered interaction of the rider, we aim to bring balance, suppleness and strength to the horse, thereby enhancing his gymnastic ability. 

By doing so we ensure that his structure feels secure and therefore his mind relaxed and calm. As riders, or trainers, we may ask a great deal of the horse however, it is up to us to ensure we set him up for success.

The Rider:

Taking on the responsibility to train the horse involves ensuring we have

an understanding of how he functions bio-mechanically and how this affects both his performance and behaviour. The most effective rider is the one who understands how their horse's body and mind works, and the most efficient way in which she/he might interact with both, thus becoming a help rather than a hindrance. These days we may not have access to daily lunge lessons or advanced school master horses in order to improve our seat, but our own horse can be our best teacher whatever level he is working at. We first must learn to sit in a manner by which we can listen, interact appropriately and aid efficiently. The rest is simple! ;)

The Partnership:

If you are tired of hearing the same old sound bites? 'Make him rounder!' 'More forward!' 'Shorten the rein!' etc. Or are perhaps struggling to make sense of resistant behaviour, poor marks, general lack of progression, unspecified lameness, recurring back problems or even dangerous behaviour? Then the time has come to expand your knowledge and skills. Create the partnership you and your horse deserve. You can be the difference!

Come and find out how....

Move forwards into freedom, suppleness and harmony...

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